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Owned and operated by DSI Consulting Worldwide (PRIVATE) Limited, Skill Gains is a not just a platform for job seekers. It is an approach for the welfare of Pakistani labor through almost all possible ways. We are connecting the employers to passionate and hardworking employees. Skill Gains want to leave a social impact on society where each and every individual can earn in a respectable manner. This is why, we be the brokers between employer and workers working on daily wages to build a relation of trust between them.

Our main focus is to provide a platform to less educated or uneducated skilled labor, where they find the match for their skills and start working on regular basis with a single or multiple number of clients. We are also resolving the recruitment issues of employers on our portal by providing them the desired workforce.

A worker who always need a job, an employer who always face issue in regard to daily wage tasks, and the people who have lesser influence of technology on their life can easily use this platform and get their problems solved in a few steps.